Herta from field and forest

Call-name: Herta


Country: Lithuania





Thank you Diane that we still have so much contact, even if we have so much km between us!! I'm so happy that everything goes well with Herta and you love her so much. THANK YOU!


Thank you also for the photos!


Dear Corinne,
Firstly, I would like to congratulate Habbie with her first birthday!
:) Wish you have with her many unforgettable moments and a lot of fun
with all of your dogs. And finally, many many thanks to you that we
have Herta: she is a huge part of our family and every day she gives
us much joy, fun...

Have a good day,

08/11/2010: 2 nice photos and a nice massage of Herta, thank you Diana


how are you, how are your dogs? :)
Our Herta has grown quite much and has got the last vaccination. Last  
weekend she got the head of roe from one our friend and she liked it  
very much :)
I am adding some photos of Herta and we are very happy spending our  
time with her.

Have a nice evening,

Here was the good news for me! Herta, who was travelling by plane, had arrived in Lithuania and everything was okay.


Good evening,
firstly, we would like to say a huge thank you for your kindness.
Herta is a wonderful and a very calm puppy.
Our journey was quite difficult. In Luxembourg we weren't allowed to  
take Herta with us in a plane, so we checked in just to Frankfurt to  
get Herta back and to be with her till the flight to Vilnius. Happily,  
when we were checking in to Vilnius after long discussions we were  
allowed to take her with us (only we must bought another, not plastic,  
bag). When we were flying from Frankfurt to Vilnius Herta was sleeping  
all the time (I have added a photo in which Herta is sleeping in a  
plane). In addition, everything was ok with the documents:)
We are going to write you the news about Herta with photos of her and  
we believe that you will give us advices about her training. Also,  
this week we will register her in a dog club.
So I think that's all for this time and we are waiting for the  
documents of Herta from you.
Once again, thank you very much.

Have a nice evening,
Diana and Herta (she is sleeping on my knees now:)


Here are some photos of the travel !!

DIANA, I wish you the best with Herta !